our collective values

"It takes a village" is an age old axiom, used by many to discuss political beliefs, social causes, and a whole host of other ideas championed by a group. Being commonly held and understood for a long time does not make it untrue Our community embodies this idea. Without all elements working in concert, we would not be able to give everyone access to Heady’s growing array of hemp formulas. From farm to table, wherever or whatever that table may be (we've lived in some trife places too!) we strive to keep the supply chain sustainable -- the rest of the shit on your table is all on you, dude.  Look, we're not perfect either, but aiming to not fuck up the planet much more than it already is. Having some semblance of eco-responsibility while keeping you supplied with great extracts seems like the least we can do. We can only do this by nurturing strong relationships between our farmers, our retailers, and all of our enlightened heads who grace us with their business (you guys!).



our farms

Our farmers aren't new to California cannabis, hemp, or any other form of botany native to this wonderful Bear Republic. We work directly with a group of legacy producers, many of whom go back three or more generations (shhhh, this used to be illegal). They produce the finest ganja in the world, despite whatever recollections you might have from your trip abroad to Amsterdam. We got this.

budtender 2.jpg

our retailers

Our bud tenders are the diplomatic component of the green United Nations we're trying to build. Was that analogy a stretch? Sure. Nerdy AF? Hell yes. Shoot, "heady" is part of our name, so we should at least shoot to be solid B students. On the real, we work with our retailers to ensure they meet the exacting A+ standards we have for ourselves...B+ if we're being reasonable 😜


our heads

The state of California has been at the forefront of just about every significantly progressive thing this country has ever done right. We take that legacy very seriously. We do it for you guys. Our heads. You are the ambassadors of peace. Our formulas are designed for a multitude of different desires and we will fucking deliver. If for some reason we fail, call us out and we will strive to address any ills as we always do.